Charters tailored for your group

Couples / Friends / Colleagues


For groups of 2 to 10 guests, a crewed yacht  is perfect to spend quality time  with your partner, friends or colleagues . Leave all the planning, organising and responsibility to your professional crew,  and relax! Think of all the fun you can have, the experiences you can share, not to mention the fabulous meals you will enjoy together in the  comfort of your own private yacht. For groups larger than 10, you may consider chartering several yachts and sail together in tandem. The possibilities are endless, please contact us so we can help you make the best choice of yacht and crew for your group. 



In this hectic world where  everyone is consumed in their own activities, a crewed yacht is the perfect way to bring your family back together and reconnect with your loved ones. When is the last time you spent a whole week as a family, or even enjoyed all your meals together? Your professional crew will take care of all the hard work and planning,  offer an abundance of water sports and other activities, and treat you to delicious meals, while ensuring you remain safe at all times. Whether your group is made up of your direct family, or several generations of the family, you will have a fantastic time.  We are often asked if there is a minimum age for the children. Crewed yachts have different rules concerning young children, but in general recommend that the children be abel to swim. Please contact us for more details, we can help.



What could be a more intimate and romantic setting than eloping to paradise on your own private yacht with your loved one. Your professional crew will provide attentive yet discreet service to ensure your needs are met at all times. In addition to the fully inclusive service that is standard on crewed yachts, many yachts offer special honeymoon packages which include champagne, flowers, chocolates, couple's massages, and pick-up from the local airport.  In order that we craft the perfect holiday just for you, please let us know if you have any special requests, such as a picnic on the beach, a meal ashore at a restaurant of your choice, or a special activity such as a flight in a helicopter. We want to make sure this holiday will be remembered for a lifetime.  Please contact us for information on yachts offering special honeymoon discounts. 

Scuba Divers


Whether your group are avid scuba divers, or you would like to experience scuba diving for the first time, we will find the best yacht for your party. Many yachts are fully equipped for scuba diving, with all the gear and compressors on board. All yachts offering scuba-diving will have a divemaster  to advise on the best dive sites, brush up on your skills, and guide you on the dives. Yachts with diving instructors can also offer formal training, so you can obtain your diving certification (typically PADI Open Water) while on your sailing holiday.  Another option available is rendez-vous diving with local dive companies  that will come to pick you up from your yacht. This option is worth considering if not all in your group are divers, as it will free up the yacht and crew to go sailing with the non-divers during the dives. The divers can then be dropped off at the location your yacht has sailed to. Please contact us for information on the dive packages available .

Learning To Sail


Learning to sail as a family or a group of friends in an idyllic locaton is so much fun, and a great bonding experience. Furthermore,  the yacht will be far superior, more comfortable, and better equipped than the yachts used by a sailing school. If you are looking for informal sailing advice, most captains are delighted to let you participate in the sailing of the yacht.  Whether you are an experienced sailor or a novice, imagine how much you can learn from a sailing professional.  But if you are looking for formal sailing training to the ASA or RYA standard, yachts with certified instructors are availlable so you can attain your sailing certification while on holiday. Our advice is to get through as much of your course sailing theory as possible before your vacation so that you can focus on the practical and having fun while on holiday. Also, choose a type of yacht that you are most likely to want to rent or purchase in the future.  Yachts offering sailing certifications are available as captain only or fully crewed (captain and chef).



The crewed yachts we recommend all have passionate chefs with years of experience of producing top-notch meals. Not an easy feat on board a yacht. Do your group enjoy gourmet food, mediterrenean or asian fair, or have any special dietary or catering needs? Do you have a selection of wines, liquors and beverages you would like the crew to stock on board? We will discuss the catering requirements for all in your party and communicate these to your crew so that they can plan the perfect menu for your group. Please contact us for recommendations of yachts with outstanding award-winning chefs.