Where and when to charter?

British Virgin Islands (BVI)


Hailed as the sailing capital of the world, the BVIs look like they were designed as a stunning giant playground for sailors with about 40 islands dotted around the Sir Francis Drake Channel. The channel provides calm seas, and the trade winds make for ideal sailing conditions. Recommended for those who want to sail 2 to 4 hours a day, with stops at some stunning anchorages. Many of the islands are privately owned and in pristine condition.  Excellent snorkeling / scuba diving, beaches, hiking, and some nightlife.  Good provisioning facilities and the use of the US$ add to the convenience. A year round sailing destination with November to July recommended. The BVIs are quickly recovering from the damage of Hurricane Irma and this will not affect your trip. Help support the BVI recovery effort by sailing there. The local airports are Beef Island (EIS) or St. Thomas (STT)

Rest of the Caribbean


With the convenience of its international airport (SXM), St. Martin makes for an excellent base for a Caribbean sailing holiday.  A sailing itinerary could include exploring the french and dutch sides of St. Martin, Anguilla and its to die for beaches, St. Barts to be seen with the rich and famous, and the unique island of Saba Rock. Great destination for those who want to sail 2 to 5 hours a day and enjoy a more European flavour. Not all the waters are protected so expect some exciting blue water sailing on some of the longer passages from St. Martin to St. Barts. Excellent snorkeling / scuba diving, beaches, hiking, high-end dining and nightlife. Great provisioning facilities and the use of the Euro add to the convenience. The damage caused by hurricane Irma will not affect your sailing holiday, help support the local economy by travelling there.

For a true Caribbean flavour, we recommend sailing in St. Lucia and the Grenadines. Look forward to some exhilarating blue water sailing with some of the passages between the islands taking 6 hours or more. Excellent snorkeling / scuba diving, stunning anchorages, beaches, hiking, some nightlife. Being less developed, the provisioning is somewhat limited on some of the islands, but you will get to sample some tasty local produce. You have the option of either a round trip from St. Lucia (international airport UIS) or a one way trip from St. Lucia to Union Island (local airport UNI). 10 days or more are recommended for the round trip, and 1 week for the one way sail. 

Both these destinations are year round sailing destinations, with November to July recommended. 



The options for mediterrean sailing are endless and varied: very developed popular destinations like southern France or Italy, the Balearic Islands, or less developed places like Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, and beautiful Croatia.  Please contact us for help in deciding which is the right location for you.  Typically, expect to sail 2 to 6 hours per day. Excellent beaches, hiking, high-end dining, historical sites and nightlife. Great provisioning facilities, the use of the Euro, and many international airports add to the convenience. Unlike the Caribbean, you will typically overnight in marinas. The wind is not as reliable as in the Caribbean so sailing conditions will vary greatly. Power yachts are a viable option here. The Mediterrean is a summer sailing destination. The season runs from May to September with July and August being the most popular months. 



For something very different, why not try Thailand as a sailing destination, with Pucket island as a base. Yes, it is a long way for most people to travel to, but Phuket international airport (HKT) offers great connections both international  and domestic, and air fares are in many cases surprisingly affordable. Recommended for those that wish to sail 2 to 5 hours per day.  You will discover some of the best beaches, coves, caves,  and islands of Southeast Asia, from the shallow anchorages and stunning  scenery of Phang Nga Bay to the hidden bays and beaches of Koh Phi Phi  island. Thailand is considered an all seasons sailing destination. From November to April, the dry monsoon brings stable north-easterly winds ranging from 5-20 knots. The weather is sunny and dry and the seas generally  calm. The wet monsoon, from May to October, brings the occasional  tropical shower and stronger, south-westerly winds, making for more  exhilarating sailing.