Which is the right type of yacht for you?

Sailing Yachts


We recommend sailing yachts for those whose main priority during the holiday is the sailing. Sailing yachts provide an exhilerating sensation of speed  on the water, and are much more responsive at the helm than catamarans. They also sail closer to the wind than catamarans which is an advantage when beating up the Francis Drake Chanel in the BVI for instance. Sailing yachts typically accommodate 2 to 6 guests in 3 cabins with en-suite baths, and are 20 - 30 % less to charter than an equivalent catamaran. This great value makes them ideal for families, couples, and honeymoons. The  uninterrupted views from the cockpit are another benefit. 


-   interior space typically smaller than a catamaran

-  more cumbersome access from the cockpit to the saloon

Yacht designs have evolved significantly in the last 10 years, modern yachts feature larger internal spaces with easy access. Contact us, we would be delighted to discuss in more detail with you.

Sailing Catamarans


Sailing catamarans have almost taken over the crewed yacht charter market, especially in the Caribbean. This is because sailing catamarans offer a great compromise between comfortable accommodation and sailing performance. Another advantage of catamarans is that they usually offer almost identical guest cabins, ideal for couples vacationing together.  Catamarans typically accommodate 2 - 12 guests in 4 to 6 roomy cabins with en-suite baths. They are ideal for a larger group, be it a family or couples. They are able to store an abundance of water toys and diving gear, ensuring the more active ones in your party will always have fun. Older catamarans have restricted views forward from the cockpit (if not sitting at the helm), but modern designs featuring flybridges and / or forward cockpits offer all round views for all on board whether taking part in the sailing or not. With so many catamarans at all price  points to choose from, please contact us  to find the right catamaran for your group.

Motor Yachts


Motor yachs are recommended for those who want to travel fast and / or  prefer to adhere to a stricter schedule. They make more sense in regions like the Mediterranean where the winds tend be less reliable than in the Caribbean.  Motor yachts typically offer larger internal spaces with more headroom and all the creature comforts. They accommodate 2 - 10 guests in 4 to 5 roomy cabins with en-suite baths, making them ideal for families and couples. The cons are the noise from the engines, and of course the diesel used is not free like the wind. Power catamarans are more fuel efficient than single hull power yachts, and they offer excellent accommodation, making them the preferred choice. Please contact us to discuss the options available to you.

Yachts Offering Scuba Diving


Scuba diving is offered on yachts of all types as a package deal, with some yachts featuring compressors to fill the tanks for optimum convenience rather than having to refill on land. You can also complete your open water certification on board if one of the crew is a diving instructor. If you plan on doing this, we recommend getting through as much of the theoretical part of the course before the holiday so that you can enjoy more sailing and diving while on board! We recommend yachts offering scuba diving if all or most in your party are scuba-divers. If only a few people in your party want to scuba dive, then yachts offering rendez-vous diving are a good option as the divers can be picked up from the yacht in one location and dropped off at the yacht at another, allowing the non-divers to enjoy sailing while the dives are tsaking place. Contact us to discuss the best options for your party.

Yachts With Sailing Instruction


Want to learn to sail as a family or with your friends during your holiday, or perfect your sailing skills with a sailing professional? Great, yachts offering sailing instruction are available. Depending on your preference, the instruction can either be formal (to ASA or RYA standards, leading to certification) or informal.  We recommend chartering the type of yacht that  you are likely to rent or purchase in the future.  Also, try to get through as much of the sailing theory as possible before your holiday so that you can enjoy more leisure time on board. Please contact us for more information.

And Then There Is The Crew!


We cannot understate how critically important the crew is on the success of your holiday.  For example, honeymooners are most likely going to have very different preferences than couples enjoying a sailing holiday together. Most of the crews are adaptable professionals who have  excellent communication skills and have developed a keen sense for their guests'wishes on board. They will do their upmost to fulfill all your requirements while keeping you and your loved ones safe. But as in all professions, different crews excell in different ways. Take advantage of our knowledge of the crews.  Please contact us to help you choose the yacht and crew that is right for you and your party. Lets work together to make this your sailing holiday of a lifetime.